Vintage wedding photography effect

Vintage wedding photography processing in Lightroom

Learn how to apply a vintage colour effect to wedding photography in Lightroom. The technique applies a warm colour effect using Curves.  Vintage wedding photography colour effects in Lightroom is a popular technique that you need to know. To see the full before and after images scroll down.

Curves in Lightroom are a cut back version of Curves in Photoshop. But even with the restrictions they’re a powerful tool for adding colour effects and controlling contrast. With all the easy to use sliders in Lightroom it’s easy to forget about Curves, but they are definitely worth exploring. In fact, if your aim is to create a film photography effect, Curves are the best place to do it in both Lightroom and Photoshop. Here’s how to create a vintage wedding photography colour effect in Lightroom.

Vintage wedding photography effect

Take a look at the image below to see the before and after versions of the photo used in the technique. The effect is quite strong, but to reduce it all you have to do is set the Curve in the same way as in the tutorial, but drag the points out less. And don’t forget to save the curves settings as a Lightroom Preset. You can also drag the Red, Green an Blue Curves in the opposite directions while maintining the same shapes to create a completely different, colder looking vintage effect.

[before-after width=”65%” viewer_position=”center” overlay=”false”]

Vintage wedding photography colour effect before

Wedding photography by James Abbott




















For wedding photographers speed is always important because you’re working with so many images. This vintage wedding photography technique is quick and easy to apply. And if you save the effect as a Lightroom Preset you can apply it instantly at the touch of a button. To svae even more time you can then bulk apply it to all the photos you’re working on.

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