Turn a photo into an illustration

Transform a photo into an illustration

Transform a photo into an illustration / oil painting with this clever Photoshop trick. The technique gives fine details the appearance of brush strokes, and looks fantastic when applied to a wide range of different images. It’s a lot of fun, and can totally reinvigorate your approach to processing photos.

Transforming a photo into an illustration using this technique takes a few minutes. This is because of the multiple Photoshop Filters that are required to apply the effect. So you’re probably wondering why you wouldn’t just use the Oil paint filter that has just made a return to Photoshop CC. The honest answer is that this effect is simply different. They both apply a different effect to images, so you can decide which works best for each individual image.

Below is a before and after image of the effect applied to a portrait shot so you can see exactly how much the technique changes the appearance of detail. Portraits are fantastic because hair and skin detail take on the appearance of brush strokes. But you really can apply the technique to almost any image – experimenting is what makes it so much fun to try.

[before-after width=”85%” viewer_position=”center” overlay=”false”]

Turn a photo into an illustration

Turn a photo into an illustration


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