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The internet is awash with photography blogs. Some are big with huge followings, some small, some good, some bad and some that are quite frankly amazing. The things is, there’s no single photography blog that can provide everything you need in the way of lens-based goodness. Most of us follow several different blogs that provide specific types of content. But with so many great options out there, it can be hard to keep up with what’s the best.

Of course I’d like to include my own photography blog, which is obviously amazing, but that would be cheating. Here’s my list of the top 10 photography blogs you should be reading to improve your photography and indulge your passion for imaging. This list is in no way definitive, but the photography blogs included represent some of the best, and most current websites out there. So in no particular order…

1. PetaPixel

PetaPixelEstablished in May of 2009, PetaPixel is a leading blog covering the wonderful world of photography. We love photography, and we want to see others love it too. Their goal is to inform, educate, and inspire in all things photography-related. PetaPixel claims to be the coolest blog on the Internet for photography enthusiasts. Agree or disagree, it’s certainly one of the most popular.

2. Fstoppers

FstoppersFstoppers is an online community aimed at educating and inspiring photographers, videographers, and creative professionals.  Started in 2010 by founders Patrick Hall and Lee Morris, Fstoppers has grown into one of the top resources for photography lighting, gear reviews, business tips, behind the scenes, and industry news. The website reaches over 1.5 million photographers a month.

3. feature shoot

feature shootFeature Shoot showcases the work of international emerging and established photographers who are transforming the medium through compelling, cutting-edge projects. With contributing writers from all over the world and a wide range of interests, feature shoot features contemporary work in all genres of photography: fine art, documentary, portrait, still life, landscape and more.

4. Guess The Lighting

Guess The LightingArmed with only a Wacom tablet, less-than-mediocre drawing skills and an acute sense of smell, professional photographer Ted Sabarese guesses how individual images were lit by other photographers. He then sketches corresponding lighting diagrams – it’s what you always wanted to know, but didn’t know who to ask.


AMERICAN SUBURB X / ASXStarted in 2008, AMERICAN SUBURB X / ASX is an ever-growing archive and fiercely edited look at photography’s always relevant past, rapidly shifting present and dramatically unfolding future. The mission is to provide and provoke, to educate and titillate those who are obsessed with art, photography, visual culture and all of their beautiful moving parts. ASX believes that by bringing together the intellectual and the visual in a powerful dance, ASX will foster new generations of artists, scholars, collectors, and patrons

6. Photomonitor

PhotomonitorPhotomonitor is an online magazine focusing on photography and lens-based media in the UK and Ireland.  We help to promote engaging thought on artists’ work to our readers in more than 120 countries around the world. Photomonitor’s exhibition and book reviews, gallery listings, interviews, essays and online exhibitions are accessible by all, for free.

7. Flak Photo

Flak PhotoFlak Photo is an online photography channel run by Andy Adams that presents the work of artists, curators, bookmakers and photo organizations to a global audience of people who are passionate about visual culture. Andy is a digital producer and photo editor, and is passionate about promoting arts experiences online.

8. TipSquirrel

TipSquirrelTip Squirrel is a blog focused on all things Photoshop and Photo editing. Run by Eric Renno, TipSquirrel features photo editing tutorials from 11 contributors including Eric himself. The contributors are established in the world of photography and design, and all have a passion for sharing their extensive knowledge with others. If you want to learn a variety of fantastic Photoshop techniques for free, this is a great place to start.

9. The Phoblographer

The PhoblographerThe Phoblographer is about photography reviews, tips, news, and culture. We explore the photography world and pop culture’s effects on the art form. Plus, the site brings you all stories from a real world and down to earth perspective.

10. Cambridge in Colour

Cambridge in ColourCambridge in Colour is the place to go for easy to understand technical theory and techniques. It’s an online learning environment where photographers can visit to improve their skills. Founded in 2005, Cambridge in Colour has grown substantially both in content and in the number of visitors it attracts. On any given day, over 20,000 different people are learning about photography and contributing in the forums community.

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