The exploitation of photographers on Instagram

The exploitation of photographers on Instagram

When a company contacts you and offers to ‘gift’ you something in return for producing an advertising post and stories on Instagram, they’re not gifting anything, they’re trying to exploit you. By taking part, YOU are helping to devalue the photography industry – the industry you’re either working in already or wish to break into.

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Behind the Lens at The Photography Show 2017

Behind the Lens at The Photography Show 2017

The stage is set for a host of imaging experts to step out from Behind the Lens and reveal how they captured some of their most stunning shots at The Photography Show, Europe’s biggest imaging event in 2017.

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Inspirational photography quotes

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For most people photography is a love affair they can’t let go of. Whether you’re a keen amateur or fully fledged professional, the compulsion to keep shooting is overwhelming. But the hobby or job can often be one of isolation where you work alone, so it’s always reassuring to learn that other photographers think like you. Here are 40 inspirational photography quotes from some of the most influential names in the world of art and photography…

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A-Z photography glossary

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Photography is full of strange and seemingly meaningless terms and phrases that can baffle even experienced photographers. So if you’ve been wondering what flat and cold means among many other things, this glossary is exactly what you’ve been looking for. This list is in no way definitive, but it will be a useful resource for beginners and more experienced photographers alike.

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