How to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo

How to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo without losing shadow detail

Learn how to apply the Orton Effect in Affinity Photo to achieve the best effect possible as well as smaller file sizes. By combining the Layers created for the effect into a single Layer file sizes can remain small when saving images as TIFFs or in other formats that support Layers. But most importantly, this approach avoids crushing shadow detail to maintain the most natural effect possible.

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Enhance detail and atmosphere with the Orton effect

Cwm Idwal waterfall, in Snowdonia North Wales, at sunset in winter edited with the Orton effect

Discover an advanced method of applying the Orton effect that keeps file sizes small and image quality at its best. I developed this refined technique myself in response to upgrading to a higher resolution camera, which meant the original technique created huge file sizes when saving layered images as TIFFs. And also, to deal with the problem of crushed shadows. This version solves both of these issues for the best results possible, and the tutorial works for Both Photoshop and Affinity Photo.

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Add the ethereal Orton Effect to landscape shots in Photoshop

Winnats Pass in the Peak District UK at sunset Orton Effect

Learn how to create the ethereal Orton Effect in Photoshop. The technique blends blur and sharpness together for a dreamy effect that looks amazing with landscape photography. Blending blur with an image you’ve taken care to shoot with sharpness throughout may sound like a bad idea, but the two work in perfect harmony to create an effect in your landscape photography that’s subtle, yet distinctive.

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