Create light leaks in Photoshop

How to create realistic light leaks in Photoshop

Digital photography is crisp, clean and overall much more consistent than analogue photography. This is great for the most part, but like most things digital results can quickly become too perfect. Relive the unpredictable nature of film photography and add a stylish retro effect to your shots by creating realistic light leaks in Photoshop. Here’s how it’s done…

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Bleach bypass effect in Photoshop

Bleach bypass effect in Photoshop

Learn how to apply a stylish bleach bypass effect in Photoshop. This effect desaturates images, boosts contrast and highlights texture in a similar way, but different, to Clarity in Adobe Camera Raw and Lightroom. The bleach bypass technique comes from the days of film. It was achieved during transparency film processing the bleach stage was missed out, or bypassed. Here’s how to apply a bleach bypass effect in Photoshop.

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