Photography Masterclass taster Day

Campkins Cameras Workshop Taster Day

Improve your photography by learning from the professional photographers in Cambridge with a Photography Masterclass with Campkins Cameras on Sunday 31st March, 10am-4pm, for just £7.50. This event is a perfect opportunity to hear and see how professional photographers work and how they capture their images. Learn from the professionals and get a taste of the masterclasses on offer throughout 2019. Limited space so reserve your spot today.

The taster day will involve talks by five photographers, including myself, who will be leading workshops in 2019 in association with Campkins Cameras and covering landscapes, wildlife, portraits, food and street photography. There will be lots of information and photography tips, and the perfect opportunity to find out which full workshops with each photographer are best for you.

For more information and to book your place visit For more information about each of the professional photographers see below.

James Abbott – Landscape Photography In Focus – 10:00AM

James is an experienced professional photographer and journalist, a trained teacher and has previously been Deputy Editor of Practical Photography magazine. He now splits his time between freelance photography and writing, making his own beautiful images and delivering workshops and training. James is local to Cambridge but his landscape photography also takes him to more rugged locations. See how focus stacking can be used to create stunning landscape images with a depth-of-field and levels of detail not otherwise possible.

Craig Jones – Wildlife & Conservation Photography With Ethics – 11.00AM

At a time when it is possible to ‘pay-to-play’ and some less scrupulous outfits will offer clients the guarantee of certain “wildlife” images with the use of bait and artificial set-ups, Craig Jones takes a more ethical approach that is more respectful of the subjects natural habitats and habits. His use of fieldcraft skills, honed in the military and practised during many years photographing wildlife and training clients globally, allows him to capture breathtaking images of wild animals displaying their natural behaviour.

Andrew Appleton – Performance, People and Portraits – 12.00PM

Andrew is an award winning photographer and trainer who began his pro career shooting theatre and dance performances. Whilst he now shoots and trains photographers across a variety of genre, he is renowned for his ability to work with light, both flash and ambient/natural, creating sublime portraits and images of people that bring the best out of the subject. Such is the success of Andrew’s approach to training, that many of his students have gone on to be award winning photographer’s themselves.

Ilian Iliev – From War Photography to Culinary Art – 2:00PM

With over 30 years experience as a pro photographer, from covering wars for the press, through a commercial photography practice, to his specialism now of food photography, Ilian employs his creativity to produce exquisite pieces of culinary art. Shooting commissions and running workshops on food photography and food styling internationally, Ilian is able to offer his students extensive knowledge, experience and skill to draw upon. Let him help you create images of food that look as good as the taste.

Craig Reilly – In The Moment – Shooting Street – 3.00PM

A London based, street photographer and trainer shooting and achieving recognition internationally, Craig is also a co-founder of the worlds largest dedicated street photography platform, Street Photography International (SPi). Craig’s work and contribution to the field were recognised by Olympus for whom he is a UK ambassador. His striking images capture light, form, and colour as they intersect with moments in everyday lives and he is known for his relaxed, friendly training style.
The Photography Masterclass with Campkins Cameras is a great way to discover which photography workshop for is best for you and your photography, not to mention you’ll learn some great tips from the five professional photographers.
Photography Masterclass Taster Day
Sunday 31st March 10am-4pm
£7.50 (pre-booking essential)
The University Centre
Granta Place
For more information and to book your place visit

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