Middle Black Clough Waterfall Location Guide

Middle Black Clough waterfall in the Peak District UK

Middle Black Clough Waterfall in the Peak District is an amazing location for long exposure photography. And with interesting streams leading up to the falls, there are plenty of photo opportunities that could easily keep you busy for a day. The main falls themselves are in a small area, so you’ll need a wide-angle lens to fit everything in. Something like a 16-35mm on full-frame and 10-20mm on APS-C cameras is perfect.

How to get to Middle Black Clough

On this route there are points where you’ll need to cross streams, and once at the waterfall you’ll need to walk through water. A pair of wellies with good grip will definitely help you get the best out of the location. If there has recently been heavy rainfall reaching the location could be dangerous, if not impossible.

Middle Black Clough can be found at the end of the Longdendale Valley. It’s a short walk (20-30 mins) from a free car parking area just off the A628 Woodhead Road. When driving west along the A628 there’s a small, and easily missed road leading off to the left. Take a look at the map below and scroll along the A628 for a more precise location and to find a nearby postcode.

Middle Black Clough waterfall in the Peak District UK

Once you’ve parked up there’s a bridge to the right of the car park, cross this and go over the stile next to it on the left. Now it’s simply a case of following the path keeping the stream on your left. When the path turns to the right continue in this direction with the stream still to your left. You’ll shortly enter an area of trees – keep walking until you reach an open area.

To your right you’ll see a steep narrow path going up the hill, and to your left the steam will have widened and you’ll see an island and stones that can be used to cross. Follow this route, and cross the stream so it’s now on your right. You’ll soon come to a junction. Follow the path to the left keeping the stream on your right. You’ll now need to climb over the boulders and you’ll quickly see Middle Black Clough not too far ahead.

Below is a slow motion video of Middle Black Clough waterfall shot on a GoPro Hero 4 Silver. This was filmed on my most recent visit, and it’s amazing how much the location can change depending on the flow of water. No two visits are ever identical.

Here’s a URL for the map above that can be saved to your phone.

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