Control colour luminosity in Photoshop

Control colour luminosity in Photoshop

Learn how to control colour luminosity/brightness with a Black & White Adjustment Layer in Photoshop. With this simple technique you can lighten or darken almost any colour in the image to achieve the perfect colour luminosity. The result is greater control over your images by increasing the impact of colour.

This tutorial is incredibly quick and easy, and will show you how powerful the technique can be in just a couple of minutes. By using a Black & White Adjustment Layer with the right Blending mode, you can take simple control of each colour channel that’s available within the Black & White Adjustment Layer dialogue box.

Luminosity before & after

The effect achieved in the tutorial was subtle, but completely changed the impact of colour in the image. Take a look at the before and after image below.


Control colour luminosity in Photoshop


Control colour luminosity in PhotoshopCheck out more Photoshop tutorials at

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