Carl Zeiss lens (80mm Pentacon 6 mount) and tilt adapter example image

80mm Carl Zeiss Biometarand tilt adapter image

The previous post for the 80mm Carl Zeiss Biometar lens and tilt adapter has been popular, so I’ve found an example shot to show how sharp the lens is. The  image above is the full frame version, and the image below is a crop at 100%.

I think you’ll agree that the results are very impressive considering the age of the lens (30-40 years). The image was shot on a Canon EOS 5D with the Carl Zeiss lens set to f/2.8 and the adapter set to full tilt. When a lens is as sharp as this you can’t complain.

Here’s part of the sharp area at 100%

80mm Carl Zeiss Biometarand tilt adapter image

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