Interview in Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie

James Abbott interview in Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie

In 2013 I was interviewed about my photo ‘The Fencer’ by the French photography magazine, ‘Savoir Tout Faire en Photographie’. Having interviewed many photographers in the past it was an interesting experience to be on the other side for a change. Here’s the interview in English:

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Trail magazine February 2015 cover

Mick Fowler on the cover of Trail magazine by James Abbott

Here’s my portrait of Berghaus sponsored climber Mick Fowler on the cover of February 2015 issue of Trail magazine. There’s an exclusive interview and additional photography inside. The portraits were shot in a small makeshift studio at Mick’s house using four lights, two strip softboxes, an octabox and a honeycomb grid. Fake snow was sprinkled over Mick to create the idea he had just stepped off a mountain with his briefcase.

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Carl Zeiss lens (80mm Pentacon 6 mount) and tilt adapter example image

80mm Carl Zeiss Biometarand tilt adapter image

The previous post for the 80mm Carl Zeiss Biometar lens and tilt adapter has been popular, so I’ve found an example shot to show how sharp the lens is. The  image above is the full frame version, and the image below is a crop at 100%.

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