Adobe Stock reveals world’s most romantic country

Adobe Stock data reveals world’s most romantic country

With February 14th fast approaching, new data from Adobe Stock reveals where hearts are set to be racing this Valentine’s Day based on how many romance related images are searched for in countries around the world…

The United States tops the list of romantic countries across the globe, with more searches for images relating to love and romance made there than anywhere else since the start of 2017. Despite Paris being synonymous with the City of Love, the French only feature tenth on the list of countries that have been searching for Valentine’s related imagery, suggesting they are less romantic than their reputation suggests:

  1. USA
  2. UK
  3. Canada
  4. Australia
  5. Japan
  6. Italy
  7. South Africa
  8. Germany
  9. Ireland
  10. France

I wanna hold your hand

 So what images are people using to depict love in 2017? As the famous Beatles song goes, “I wanna hold your hand,” and that it seems is what symbolises affection and connection for many of us with an image of a couple holding hands topping the list of most downloaded love-themed images around the world.

While people in the UK, Canada, Germany, Italy and India are more likely to search for images of people kissing, the Japanese are opting to search for images of people hugging. Wining and dining appears to be the way to an Australian’s heart, with more searches for images of “romantic wineglasses” and “Valentine’s Day dinners” than anywhere else in the world.

Pulses look set to be racing in France and New Zealand this Valentine’s Day as the only two countries to search for images of couples in bed; while Italy, renowned for being a passionate nation, topped the list of countries searching for “romantic fantasies.” Although things are set to be hotting up for most of the globe, it seems things might be cooling down in Germany, with more searches for “anti-Valentine’s Day” than anywhere else.

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