Add copyright info and keywords to EXIF data

How to add copyright and contact information to your images

Protect your images online by adding copyright and contact information to the EXIF data. It obviously won’t stop people from using your images without permission, but it will provide all the information needed to contact you. Adding keywords will help to make your shots show up in search engine results.

Image theft online is a huge problem for photographers. Many photographers see their shots used somewhere without permission, and more importantly without being payment. It’s difficult when you want and need to use the internet to publicise your work, but there are of course risks. Fortunately, the benefits of sharing photography online far outweigh the few ocassions where images are used without permission.

Protect your copyright

It’s always worth conducting reverse image searches to discover if, and where your images are being used online without permission. There’s functionality for this in Google’s Image Search, or you can use to keep track of images online use. But even with this in mind, it still pays to add copyright and contact information alongside keywords to your shots.

Adding copyright, contact details and keyword information to every single image can be time-consuming. The best way to go about it is to record a Photoshop Action that adds all information except for the Title, Description and Keywords. Doing this means you’ll only ever have to complete three sections of information.

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